All participants are being asked to register for the tournament via the ITF as soon as admission opens (which is 15 weeks prior to tournament start). All registered players are being counted on the ITF website’s tournament page:

Tournament information 
Helge Albrecht (Tournament director)
Postfach 11 62, D-29439 Lüchow
+49/5841/4368 | Fax +49/5841/70381 mobil: +49/172/5117587
E-Mail: Internet:

Registration for the Mallorca Seniors Open can only be made via ITF London. You need your personal IPIN number, which you can request from the ITF. This is how you get your personal IPIN:
You need:

  • An Internet connection
  • A valid email address (registration works via email confirmation)

ITF Senior Department | E-Mail: g +0044 208 392 4622
Please note the following after you received your IPIN:

  • do not forget your password when registering with your IPIN
  • it is essential to have the IPIN and the password (case sensitive), which players entered when registering, ready at all times
  • simple mistakes or a wrong letter will not allow you to register

By registering for the 25th Mallorca Seniors Open every participant agrees with the Media being informed about the event. Information may also be published on the Internet. In doing so individual-related data such as names, first names, age groups and rankings of participants may be used. This also includes publishing of event-related photos and pictures.

Registration confirmation: Your registration is regarded as confirmed 15 weeks prior to the entry deadline of the tournament, if your name is stated in the players’ list of the ITF.