Welcome to Mallorca


Located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, Mallorca is an island of incredible beauty and one of the best tourist destinations to enjoy while dedicating some time to tennis.

As the president of the Balearic Tennis Federation I would like to welcome you on its behalf to the 28th Mallorca ITF World Tennis Masters Tournament on this Island.

We wish you a successful week of tennis during the tournament. We are very proud to host this event on our Island and once more congratulate the great and hardworking team and its tournament director Helge Albrecht. 

This tournament adds significance to the Balearic Islands within the whole ITF Masters Tour and contributes to promoting senior tennis in Mallorca worldwide.

Once again, the best senior tennis players of the world will be able to experience a great atmosphere and hospitality at the tournament hotel beach club FONT DE SA CALA.


With over 40 nations competing, a high number of participants and an excellent organisation this tournament is rated by senior players as one of the best. This is why the ITF Seniors Committee has up-graded this tournament to the highest level namely to a Grade MT 1000.

We hope that this tournament in Cala Ratjada will continue to be run in Mallorca and we will make every effort to support it and ensure its success.

Cristobal Bannasar Manresa
President FTIB
(Balearic Tennis Federation)